In 2014, Solid Technologies, a new engineering company based in Starkville, MS, approached me with design needs. 

What began as a simple poster and logo design soon became an opportunity to really explore branding options with the company. 

With only two weeks to complete the project, I worked closely with the team members to design a logo, from idea to finished product. The team expressed interest in including some physical aspects of their product in the final logo design, and after multiple renderings, we settled on a simplified form. We paired the welding component with two sans serif fonts that look clean and sophisticated.

The company was in need of a slogan, but did not have one ready to go. We used the two primary ideas behind their improved welding machine to create "joining form with function."

Solid Technologies was eager to inform the public of their improved prototype, but the lack of information about the process was holding them back. I created an infographic that briefly explains the current problems within the industry, coupled with the ways their company is seeking to remedy them. The infographic was then compressed for a business card and small handout.